School Mascots

Maydwell Mascots is a Toronto based company that strives to be one of the best producers of corporate, college, university and sports mascots. Maydwell Mascots creates a premium quality product that is eye catching, fun, exciting and built to last. Mascots have universal appeal and utility. Our creative designs, excellent quality and pricing will satisfy any customer requirement.

Maydwell Mascots produces every character as a uniquely designed and manufactured marketing device. They enhance awareness to any kind of function such as festivals, parades, tradeshows, outdoor commercial and sporting events. Mascots generate revenue in any kind of business, institution, product or event.

Maydwell Mascots objective is to create a product that is appealing to the eye. Through attention to detail and boundless creativity, our mascots are an effective marketing device for any client. Mascots are advertising billboards that come to life and create a strong visual impression on the public. A business or product can increase recognition and sales through its mascot.

3 responses to “School Mascots

  1. MM_Brasil

    They are the best mascots “well mayd” or the other way around “maydwell” ever seen!

  2. Emmett McEachern

    Hello, my school is considering purchasing a Mascot for our school. I was wondering if their is anyway we could get a Griffin Mascot costume and if you could get back to me with a quote that would be great. Thanks for your time.
    Emmett McEachern

  3. David Zuniga

    Hey there,

    My school ( North Park Secondary School) in Brampton, Ontario is considering to purchase a school mascot. I was looking around this website, and didn’t see a viking costume which is our school symbol. If you do have a viking costume, or even for a custom order i would ask you could reply with a quote or something.


    David Zuniga

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